Outsourcing Versão portuguesa

Much of the work done in offices is linked to analysis, checking data, procedures, legal aspects, etc.

Then there is a second stage, a merely practical, repetitive and labour-consuming process.

This is where we can help out, working on the data that are received by your office.

How do we work?
We work as service providers, in absolute confidentiality and in compliance with the written instructions received.

This is stipulated in a contract.

Where can the data be extracted from?
From any of the client’s IT applications, or from any digital document from which text can be extracted, such as:

1 - lists in excel, txt or another common format;

2 - invoices, transport forms, etc;

3 - payslips;

Where can the data be put?
In an IT application of the client or in a website, such as:

1 - website of the tax authorities;**

2 - social security website.**

How reliable is our service?
It is fast and does not make mistakes.

What are the advantages for the client?

As well as those outlined in the previous paragraph, the client saves a lot of money, always meets deadlines and manages its labour more efficiently.

Our service never closes for holidays and is available 24/7.

For example, if you need to enter data in the website of the tax authorities and it is down, our service will continually try to transmit the data every ten seconds. **

How much does it cost?
It depends on the specific work involved.

Ask us for a quote.

For example, extracting data from an excel spreadsheet and transmitting it to a website costs 0.05 euros for each record.

There are no software development costs, and the cost is always in line with the number of records.

Are there any loyalty requirements?
Only if you accept the work will be commissioned on a regular basis, but the client is free to interrupt or change its requests at any moment.

Demonstrations and appraisals?
If you intend that data be extracted or registered in an application of the client, we can demonstrate how it works.

For all other cases we will have to make a free appraisal.

If the data comes from Europe, can the data be transferred outside the EU?
No, in this case we use computers hosted in Germany. For data from non-European citizens, we use computers hosted in the USA or Canada.

Ask us if we can help and see how much you will save.

We look forward to hearing from you through the e-mail contact at the bottom of the page

** This specific example may not be applicable in your country.

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